We all dream, but a lot of us have trouble remembering the amazing lands we travel to. Today we are talking about interpreting your dreams and what you can learn from them. There are a lot of explanations for the things that you see in your dreams and these have been written down in countless books and journals. Have you ever had a dream about losing a tooth or teeth being broken? I used to have that dream all the time! According to my trusty dream app, teeth in dreams are associated with stress and anxiety…no surprises there!

Feelings in dreams are most important

The images in dreams are not as important as the feelings that you get from them. Sometimes, you can receive messages through people and events that occur in your dreams but more importantly, you need to focus on the feeling.  When you wake up in the morning, remember how you felt in your dream, that is the key to exploring the meaning.

Maria says you should find a point in your dream where you are happiest. Connect this feeling with moments in your life where you feel the same. This is what you should focus on, living a life where you are doing more of whatever gives you the best feeling

Flying Dreams

Everyone has a fond moment about flying in a dream. Even if it only occurred in childhood, the feelings associated with this magical freedom are indescribable! Maria makes some important points about flying and how you can you can carry this dream metaphor into your life.

Our life is about flying from one state of being to another. Flying means having wings and knowing that you have them. By knowing what direction you want to take and flying there, you should be able to trust the flow. Everything in life is a metaphor or symbol, including the words we speak.

What would you do if you could fly?

Good dream practices

  1. Disconnect from technology an hour before bed
  2. Keep a journal and write regularly about your dreams
  3. Experience the feelings you have in your dreams
  4. Explore any aspect of your dream by addressing your subconscious and asking for clarification
  5. Set an intention for your dreams by using affirmations;  I visualise easily in dreams. I love my dreams. My dreams come easily.

Sweet dreaming everybody!


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