Tantric Love has roots in ancient Hinduism and relates to connecting deeply with a partner on an energetic level. Before you think that this is all about sex, have a listen and learn how Maria explains the intimacies related to tantric love.

How do you begin tantric love?

There is a feeling that begins the process of tantric love, it helps if you have done some energy work before. However, if you and your partner are open to the process, you can achieve amazing results. Simply, you begin with connecting to your partner through the heart chakra; thinking loving thoughts and projecting these into their energy field. Once you begin to feel a connection forming at this level, you can now reach out towards each other and gently place your hands on heart or even hold hands.

It is up to you and your partner where you go from here. You can simply make love energetically and this alone can have profound feelings of euphoria or you can get physical.

Does tantric love work for other areas of my relationship?

The energy that is created when two people make love using tantric methods is immensely healing and deeply connective. If you begin to practice this form, this will inevitably lead to improvements in other areas of your relationship. You are now vibrating on a much higher frequency and the mundane daily tasks in realtionships seem to matter less. You may see a improvement in your communication with each other and notice your partner meeting your needs much more willingly.

How do I know if I am doing it right?

Like all energy work, there is no right or wrong. As a couple, you are unique and so too is your expression of love for each other. We like to look at it this way; if you are feeling ecstasy as you progress in this method, you are feeling the tantric love. Besides, this is the kind of thing you are going to want to practice!

Listen and enjoy love!

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