This is a topic that may be relevant to many of you because it centres around capturing energy and keeping it for good! Like most things that you discover, you may be excited in the beginning but you need to keep a regular practice going. There are lots of energies floating around us at any given time that operate at both high and low frequencies. We show you how to connect with good energy and keep it going to enhance your life.

Practicing Energy Daily

Energy Balls

“Charge your energy for the day like you charge your phone.”

This should be a fun and playful exercise. Imagine there are magical spheres of light flowing around, look at them, study them and breathe deeply. Play with the energy balls that you want to attract. What do you feel that you can give to yourself today? Charge yourself with your chosen frequency and feel great all day.

Hug 4 energy fields per day

  • tree
  • crystal
  •  yourself
  •  someone you love

These are concrete examples of energy that instantly transfer into your aura and allow you to feel calm and relaxed (if you let them). We believe that by having a daily practice of connection with the energy fields listed above, you will be energised with positivity and love.


Self-hypnosis is a little visualisation technique that I learned from watching Ted talks. This particular exercise is very simple to do and can have profound effects on your future. All you need to do is play out a movie of the next day going exactly as you have planned it. If you play this in your head just before you drift off to sleep, you will start to take control of your future in a positive way.


When we control our breath, we can take charge of all emotions. When developing energy, breathing deeply allows you to connect and work with energy at a much deeper level. As a visualisation, you can breathe in the feelings you want and breathe out those you don’t.


Intuitive Dace

Maria likes to begin her day this way; you can use music or dance to your own beat. Moving around the space in free form attracts good energy towards you. Once you have this connection with energy, you can play with it by sending it to people you love or wrap it around yourself to feel the love.

By practicing these techniques, you will feel the subtle energies of joy, love and magic that are available and free for you every day. Maria believes wholeheartedly that energies want to be with us, they want to be called and utilised.

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