Why Yoga? This is something that I have grappled with for the past couple of years now. On the one hand, walking into a studio filled with toned and flexible women is super intimidating and on the other, without it, my stress is unmanageable.

I don’t know about you but I defintely found yoga (reluctantly) when I was going through some stressful situations. Actually, I found mindfulness meditation first becasue that is what the doctor told me about but I soon connected with an app and started practicing basic yoga in the privacy of my own home.

For a while, this was all that I needed. It set up the foundation of a practice and allowed me to feel more comfortable when I finally walked into that studio. What about you? How do you feel it? 

First of all, I do believe that while you might think you find yoga, more likely, it finds you. There are many reasons that people do yoga and if it’s purely to look amazing, you better be ready to stick at it for a long time! Stress is a big factor that draws people in, that and wanting to be more felxible I think. What happens though, is the unexpected transformation of thinkng that will come as a result.

Let me break down Yoga a little bit…

Yoga traditionally comes from the ancient religious texts of India called the Vedas. Written in Sanskrit, it is this language that details the teachings and practice from over 4000 years ago. Yoga Sutra, a book written 200 years ago by Patanjali forms the basic foundation for practice as we know it today.

Yoga is the physical component of meditation and is called Hatha- this simply means the practice of physical postures. In the beginning- this is perhaps all that you might think about. How are you going to get your feet into the air as you stand on your head? In my opinion, as long as you start with awareness of breath and end with the same, you are well on your way to becoming a yogi.

So, there are so many different yoga styles out in the world today and let’s just say, if it’s a movement class, it’s Hatha. Apparently, the only reason we move is to prepare ourselves for meditation. So, if you are out there saying, I can’t meditate no matter what I try (and I was/am still a bit like that) Do more Yoga!

Ashtanga Yoga

Each style has a slightly different method or meaning behind it and you will eventually get to a point where that means something to you. It has taken me well over a year and a half to even think about what I want out of my practice other than trying to get the poses correct without collapsing. In fact, it has only been in this last month that I have really started to do some research to work out what is going on…

I came across a clip (posted below), that literally blew my mind with the intensity and strength of the poses. It’s called My Dharma and Laruga Glasser who is the first yogi on the doco is so amazingly talented that I was hooked. I then went on to watch how yoga has profoundly changed their lives and they all kept referring to this type called Ashtanga.


My Dharma

John Scott from Purple Valley 


Why do you Yoga? Let me know below!



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