A few weeks ago, Maria and I had the pleasure of speaking at a live tree talk in London. It was part of our friends’ initiative,  The Tree Project. It was an amazing experience and one that I am excited to share with you here on the podcast.

The Pre-text

It was a drizzly and rather freezing Saturday night in East London. Maria and I embarked on our mission to spread the love of tree energy at an event put on by our good friends from thetreeproject.org. They themselves are a new venture who is looking to explore all things connected to and from trees.

From their website:

TheTreeProject is a creative research project which investigates the existence of trees discussing their connotations and connections with human beings and life. – The Tree Project.org

The Event

The event itself was held at The Rag Factory in trendy Shoreditch and we were not quite sure what to expect. As a lot of our work has centred around tree healing and energy, it did seem like the perfect platform for us. We got to speak to a diverse audience about what it is that we love to do.

The audience were intimate and extremely supportive from the beginning and it set the general tone of good vibes for the night. Maria and I spoke first and were followed by two incredibly talented artists; Chichi Quinones and Drew Walkers.

It was quite a new experience to share knowledge to a live audience and whilst Maria is a seasoned veteran, I did take some time to warm-up and put my notes down. You will hear our part live in the podcast so I will focus on some of the cool things I learned from the other presenters.

Chichi and Drew are artists who are currently working on a dance research project in Argentina. They spoke a lot about the language of ancient tribes using trees as part of their language. It is interesting to think that lessons have been taught about and from trees so many thousands of years. Phrases like ‘you are a nettle’ that literally mean the person is acting like the properties of the plant is humorous and beautifully honest.

We were invited to join Chichi and Drew on stage as an entire group in partake in some movement exercises. By using the tree as a metaphor for being grounded and strong, we were able to play with our bodies in space; holding our ground and moving with the energy.

There was some beautifully honest moments of connection within this group and together, we felt strong. If a group of strangers in a dense concrete jungle like London can come together to love trees, there is something here for everyone.

The Reflection

As a teacher, I am used to speaking in front of a group of (small) people. What is fascinating and almost addictive about speaking in front of an audience of adults is that they actively listen and engage on a much deeper level. When speaking from the heart about a topic that knows no ego, it is a much more organic (excuse the tree pun) process that allows you freedom to speak candidly without reservation.

Thank you for this experience Tree Project, I would like to open up the universe to more opportunities like this!

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