I am excited to discuss our branched brothers with you in this Tree Healing podcast. Most of us are surrounded by trees yet we forget that they are a great source of wisdom, healing and comfort. This old knowledge is infinite in source and is just waiting to be shared with you.

We will talk about our experience with the energy of trees and let you in on some tips. In fact, you will find much more than meets the eye when you think about our ancient ancestors. It is time to reconnect to form strong and sustainable relationships.

Here is a quote from my favourite tree, Straight Arrow:

“A portal to another dimension sits within us. It is not how you imagine it, It is a network that belongs underground and can be accessed through heart energy. I am healing your back as you sit against me. I am giving you strength, through your rib cage, opening your lungs; our heart chakra. Harness the vibrations for inner peace.”

There are so many benefits to tree healing and you can exchange energy also. If you feel inclined, simply find a tree that is calling you and give it a big hug! But, if that is too much PDA for you, just hold your palms out for an energy exchange. By doing this, you can tap into the flow and receive and give messages of love. Usually, your first instinct that comes to you after touching the tree will be the message. Go with it and try not to let your ego take over. It’s safe and fun to do!

You can read more about tree healing on the blog.

This Saturday 25th February, you are invited to a FREE talk on tree healing that Carlie and Maria will be giving. You can find all the details out here.

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