This is a special episode indeed; we are learning how to unlock psychic powers and you are invited! Maria and I believe wholeheartedly that you have psychic abilities and it is absolutely time for you to find out what they are.

You may already have abilities from childhood; perhaps you have seen spirits or had an imaginary friend as a child. Hopefully you were encouraged to practice these gifts but I know a lot of people with psychic intuition give them up in order to ‘fit in’ as they grow up.

It is time that you should no longer feel ashamed of your wonderful gifts! We encourage everyone to open their hearts to the magical world of connecting with the spirits of the Universe.

Different Psychic Powers

Clairvoyance– clear seeing (images, symbols, colours, numbers)

Claircognizance– clear knowing (intuitive feelings about events before they happen)

Clairaudience– clear hearing (voices from spirits that speak inside of you)

Clairentience– clear feeling (messages about people through feelings, emotions or physical sensations)

Clairalience– clear smelling (being able to smell long distances, pick-up illness in others)

Clairgustance– clear tasting (connecting with the tastes of others)

Clairtangency– clear touch (reading people through physical contact)

Channeling-through Automatic Writing (spirit writing through you)

Exercise: Reading a Photograph

  • Look in the Eyes
  • Pick up the energy of the eyes- the feeling, first impression
  • What do the eyes tell you?
  • What energy do you pick up?
  • What do they remind you of?
  • Are there any talents you can pick up from these eyes?
  • Have a psychic brainstorm on a piece of paper before seeing how accurate you were
  • Don’t feel disheartened if you were way off. Often, the energy of someone is different to their physical being.

What you feel with your intuition is the first step towards unlocking your powers so go with any messages that come to you (no matter how crazy they sound).

You can find more information about my experience of reading photographs here.

Exercise: Automatic Writing

  • Have some paper and a pen in front of you
  • Have a question (from someone else)
  • Set the question as your intention for channeling
  • Imagine white light around yourself to create a protective shield
  • Mediate for 10 minutes on the question
  • Hold the pen loosely in your hand
  • Allow the words to flow without conscious thought
  • Read back over the words and write them neatly underneath (if your writing has become messy, this will make it easier to read back later)
  • Bring yourself back to the present through deep breaths

There are so many different ways you can unlock your psychic powers. I think it is a great idea to start with a sense you are drawn to or might be considered your strongest. This will probably be your ability and a great place to begin unlocking your powers.

Remember, always protect your aura before working with psychic channeling so that you remain safe and free of the energies that do not belong to you.

Have fun, play and let us know what you come up with!

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