Today is all about a profound light healing experience that Maria and I had a couple of weeks ago. Pandora Star is a Deep trance Meditation machine that was developed by Jimi Simpson and Todd Acamesis. Todd is also the owner of PandoraSpa in London where we shared the expereince.

Without getting all technical on you, the machine has a round face with 12 LEDs arranged in a star-shape. These LEDs produce ‘stoboscopic sequenced light patterns that produce deep frequency entrainment for the brain’ (that’s from the website). Essentially, you can develop sequences of light patterns that operate at different brain wave frequencies in order to attune the brain to certain states of being.

If we look at brain wave frequencies, they change depending on what we are doing, thinking or feeling. These can range from very low frequencies that would have us feeling sluggish/sleepy to high frequencies where are a very alert.

We share our experience here today and you can read more about it in my article: Digital LSD: No drugs required 

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