Last week, my spiritual mentor Maria asked if I would be free to attend a day spa. Sure, why not? Everyone likes to relax with a warm massage and a session in the sauna. Apparently where I heard day spa,  I should have heard ‘futuristic mind spa’ because that is exactly what I got…

Maria had been particularly coy about this whole experience and as Ivelina (Maria’s manifestation assistant), Maria and I descended the unmarked stairs near Old Street to a basement door, I remained quite perplexed  the whole situation. When the door swings open, we are warmly greeted by owner of Pandora Spa and co-creator of Pandora Star, Todd Acamesis and fellow healer and distributor, Ladrhyn Bexx.

I am still highly confused as to what we are doing but I am told this is a new experience and my curiosity piques. The main room of the spa is filled with a set of enormous gongs, a mini recording studio complete with green screen (amazing) and an inviting double chaise lounge. Said couch is where it all becomes clear(ish) and Todd explains what the futuristic technology behind Pandora Star is all about.

In a nutshell, (and this comes straight from the website because Todd is far too knowledgeable for me to clumsily misquote him here), Pandora Star is “a powerful light entrainment device, [that] uses flickering light to guide your brain to experience a range of beneficial states of brainwave activity, which can be used for many empowering purposes”.

So, according to Todd, this machine can manipulate brainwaves through the production of ‘an almost infinite variety of stroboscopic sequenced light patterns” and this can be used for entrainment. Not entertainment as I misread the word at least 10 times, though it will prove to be this as well.

As a note to dispel confusion, Pandora Spa is the centre where you can receive Pandora Star treatment. They also have a range of other accompanying healing modalities. Got it? Okay, enough of the technical jargon I hear you say, give me the lowdown on the digital psychedelic trip! 

It begins…

We are led to a room with four adjustable, cozy looking beds and invited to lie down. In this state, we are now staring at a space-age alloy dome with a glowing blue pentagram and twelve circular led’s. We are tucked into the bed, given headphones to put on and instructed to close our eyes and relax. Todd reminds us that we are in complete control and can adjust the intensity of the light at any time by holding our hands in front of our eyes.

The music begins and an intense white light flashes in time; at first I feel panicked, I want to get out of this bed and fear surges forward. Strangely, in the same second I relax immediately by reminding myself that I can leave at any time. With this knowledge, I settle in and focus on the music, is that Sandstorm by Derude?  The trance vibrates in my ears and the light begins a party in my mind.

I can not even explain the explosion of kaleidoscopic patterns that are racing through my vision, morphing and melting with the music. The colours are magnificent transcendental shades that defy explanation and and gravity.  My body wants to pick up a glo-stick and rave the night away but I am way too comfortable to move. I think my mouth is wide open and drool is sliding down my cheek but I don’t care, I’m hooked on this parallel dimension adrenaline.

At one point I focus on the centre of the patterns and being to meditate, allowing the colours and shapes to dance in my peripheral. A disembodied female voice enters my ears and draws me deeper into the trance, I am addicted (is this how mind control works?). I don’t even know what the voice says but I silently beg her not to stop talking, ever! I am fully immersed in this experience, the endorphins are raging through my body and I buzz with heightened sensitivity. There is nothing else that matters in this moment, I am at complete peace. Eventually, as the music winds down I have lost all sense of time, surely that was more than 15 minutes?

I return to the present and sip from my fancy bottle of real mineral water before we adjourn back on the blue lounge. There are no words. Maria, Ivelina and I just grin at each other. Todd speaks, “At the moment, your brain is lit up like a christmas tree”. He is exactly right. Every colour, shape and object in the room is brighter, voices are clearer and my mind is at peace.

There is much more to this experience (gongs and brain entrainment) but I need to savour that for another post. Pandora Star technology has a host of programs with the potential to expand your consciousness, increase brain capacity and heal disorders of the mind. It is beginning to be recognised by leading health professionals and is generally making great waves for brain health.

Right now though, you need a gateway and I present this to you in the form of Acid Squirrel, the 15 minute digital trip. You’re welcome!

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