Today’s podcast is all about using intuition to choose food that will work harmoniously with your body in order to heal and nourish your physical and spiritual self. Maria and I visit a local fruit shop to sense the produce and bring home a few select ‘friends’ for a psychic challenge. We sense the fruit and vegetables live on the podcast in order to convey the messages they have for us and teach you how to do the same!

Special Bonus Sense: Maria tries a blind challenge where she senses an organic and non-organic apple to see if she can tell the difference in their energy.

Don’t miss this one!


Our chosen friends:

Organic Apple
Non-Organic Apple
Carlie’s Delicate Mango
Maria's Cauliflower with a lot to say!
Maria’s Cauliflower with a lot to say!
A Joyful Lemon
A Brownie of Escapism and Romance



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