I am sure many of you will agree that playing with your food as a child was met with much resistance and reprimand. However, I would like to suggest a return to this practice, all in the name of good health. As we know on this journey, we carry much wisdom as children that is evidently rubbed out of us as we immerse into accepted societal structures. As adults, we have the opportunity to return to this divine wisdom and I know that by reading this, you are one of these magnificent sparks of light and knowing!

So, if we played with food as a child, ultimately we were already attuned to sensing the energy vibrations within this vital source and systematically working out what we needed. But what about the children that avoid vegetables? I hear you say. Surely they aren’t acting on any enlightened wisdom? I offer you this thought; if we have the power to listen to our bodies and nourish them according to our specific needs, then we also have the power to ignore those needs in order to nourish our desires. We need to remember that on this planet, we have the divine gift of ultimate choice, something that sets us apart from other galaxy beings.

We are constantly tempted (children too) with luring and addictive foods that speak to our minds and not our souls. As we grow, this moves from sweets and junk food to more intoxicating and illicit substances like drugs and alcohol. The immediate comforts of these consumables often outweighs the better judgement of our subconscious and we indulge in patterns that whilst mostly socially acceptable, have a profound effect on our connection with spirit.

On my own journey, I have felt the transformative effects of a clean diet and abstinence from alcohol yet the density of environmental and social pressures always has me sinking back into old habits. It feels good when you can do what you want as an adult and it seems for me at least, that this directly corresponds to life circumstances and stress. When there is more stress in my life, I take control by eating and drinking things I shouldn’t; a rebellion against the authority of society that only brings me down further.

Recently, I’ve taken up the exercise of choosing my food and drink based on sense and intuition. You can hear about this on the podcast here. It is an interesting little game that has led to a decrease in my consumption and an increase in my energy and overall health.

In short, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Enter a store/market that immediately draws you. Look for healthy and vibrant looking produce that captures your attention, rather than your shopping or mental ‘should have’ list.
  2. Once inside the store, forget all else and allow your senses to speak to you. What stands out most in colour, energy vibrations or smell?
  3. Pick up a piece of food that draws you in and hold it in your hand. Feel it and see if you can make out what messages you are receiving. It could simply be a sensation, a word or an emotion.
  4. Try out some foods that don’t draw you in and see what effects these have when you pick them up. Can you tell the difference?
  5. Buy the food that has spoken to you and use your intuition to prepare these nourishing friends for your meals.

Some helpful hints:

  • Don’t worry about how the food will go together, I truly believe that each piece has it’s own energy and will let you know what you are to do with it. Perhaps, you are being called to just eat one thing at a time. Feel the freedom of eating in a way that your body calls you to, rather than what is expected of you.
  • Don’t try to shop in bulk, this will only confuse your senses and you are likely to bring your conscious mind into the process rather than driving with your intuition.
  • Produce in bags is usually to be avoided, it indicates more processing than that of others.
  • Seasonal products should stand out to you more because they have been grown locally.
  • Trust your inner guidance to show you what you need. Keep note of the food you pick and any effects you feel/ notice after consuming.
  • There is a strong difference between organic and non-organic food. See if you can feel it when you do your own sensing.

You may not always have time to sense your food but it is a practice that you could adopt once a week to build up your ability. You may like to try this technique when ordering food in a restaurant to see if you can sense the most beneficial food for your soul through a menu.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any experience with this type of sensing or if you have tried it out for yourself.

Happy food shopping!

2 thoughts on “Play With Your Food! Making Intuitive Food Choices

  1. I find it also very helpful if i actually try the food before i buy… like picking the perfect grapes 🙂

    Gone are the days where the fishmonger would give you free prawns to try.

    But honestly, I haven’t tried this but will give it a go

    1. That’s such a good point Shannon! We should definitely be able to try a sample before we buy it. I think it leads to conversations about product and directly connects with the seller.

      Thank you for reading!

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