Who says only children are allowed to play in cubby houses!

See my easy (and cheap) DIY tutorial below and you too will be relaxing in your own little meditation hut in no time!


6x 2m wooden palings (anything light and strong is fine)

3m rope (small enough to fit through a drilled hole)


Decorations of your choice

I used:

2 large indian hangings (Camden Markets but can be bought on Ebay)

9 cushions (eBay)

1 round mandala spread (eBay)

4 woven mats (Camden Markets)

LED lights (Tiger)

6 lotus LED lights (Ebay)

Old cushion cover (to hide rope)

hanging pot plant (own)


Drill hole about 30 cm from top of wooden palings all the way through


Thread rope through palings to make it easier to assemble









Stand palings in shape of pyramid and start weaving rope through the palings (there is no best method, just make it strong and secure)



When you are happy with shape, start decorating!

Hang sheets first. You may like to tie them in with the rope and the top and place them under the legs of the teepee to keep them in place.


Fold old cushion cover in half and hold in place by tucking into rope


Place mat on the floor and add cushions


Hang lights and plant (I just wove them through the wooden palings)


That’s it! Enjoy your serenity!



Check out video below to see the making in action!



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