I placed my hand over the image and felt nervous sensations; words popped from my mouth as I tried to connect with the energy of the photograph. I had already glimpsed the caricature of a muscular, herculean woman with ample bosom and a seductive stare. I had listened to Maria say that this was a ride from her childhood and perhaps it was with this knowledge that I conjured up sensations of excitement, fear and the unknown. I launched into a monologue about the collection of many different energies in one place and the feelings this could arouse within a person. But really, I think I was purely recalling my own childhood memories about large carnivals.

I am seated in Maria’s cozy studio in a leafy suburb in west London and I am attempting to learn yet another modality of divine wisdom. It is through Maria’s experience that she believes we have the ability to tune in and read photographs.

“There are several aspects of focus in a photograph”, Maria explains. “You can read the energy of the subject, the surroundings, the time it was taken, and even the photographer”.

We try an exercise where I am not allowed to see the photograph before I place my hand over it. I start feeling vibrations…of the table; Maria gently guides my palm back to the photo. I try hard but I am finding it incredibly difficult to sense anything…I know that I am not at this attuned state in my practice but I persevere all the same. Surprisingly, I pick up on a few accurate feelings surrounding Maria’s childhood pictures that she reveals to me after the exercise.

courtesy of wikipedia.com

Next, I am given the image that you can see on the right:

I am encouraged to read the eyes of this woman and write down any words that come to me. This feels much more achievable as I have always liked looking at people and trying to tell their stories.

Mother, burden, strength’, I write. ‘Hope, understanding, prisoner of era, intelligent, wisdom. Cared for financially, backbone of the family, equality’.

The words come fast and easily, I notice that the eyes are significantly different; the right eye watching protectively and the left eye viewing the wonders of the world.

Maria asks me what I think this woman’s life vision involves. ‘Educating women’, I scrawl. ‘Creating opportunities for women to succeed’. The word suffragette pops into my head and I print the words ‘writing/publishing journals on the subject’.

Maria hands me a biography of the woman, Nellie Letitia Mooney. You can read her story in full if you like but know that I was astonished by my abilities. Mooney was in fact a ‘Canadian feminist, author, politician and social activist’ (wikipedia.com). She was part of a group of women nicknamed ‘the famous five’ that fought to allow women equality to sit in the Senate. Mooney was also a mother of five children and wife of a pharmacist. I was totally inspired by her before I knew who she was and now I will forever remember her as the woman that unlocked my psychic powers.

Encouraged by my accuracy, Maria presented her hands and asked me to read them. I couldn’t, not in the way that she expected so instead I followed my instinct.

“Ask me a question”, I said as I took hold of Maria’s outstretched hands and tuned into to her energy vibrations.

“Okay, what are my fears?”, Maria challenged.

I took a deep breath and let the words flow easily and with little effort. I expressed Maria’s fears, ideas, solutions for problems and confidently answered each question she gave me. I didn’t know if I was even remotely correct but it felt so good to share the messages that were coming from somewhere within.

As I concluded, Maria confirmed the validity of my reading and thanked me for helping her. At last! Could it be that I am beginning to harness my own abilities that are both different but uniquely acceptable to Maria’s? Today I felt a sense of elation, as if the plateau of study was rising once more and out of it, my wings are beginning to soar. Poetic!


2 thoughts on “Reading Photographs (unlocking psychic powers)

  1. Hello Carlie,

    This was such an intense experience, I can tell from your excitement and the way you wrote this post. After all these years of my spiritual path, I am still amazed today by the small things. You will see how everything you achieve spiritually and psychically will feel like a miracle. As a past life therapist, I can see look into someone’s eyes and regress their past lives. I have not tried yet to place my hand on a photo but it sounds really interesting and I would love to try it as well.

    It was a pleasure connecting with you today! Wishing you all the best!


    1. Thanks for connecting Zaria and thank you for your insightful words. There are so many facets of spirituality link to the same divine source and I am so excited to be on this learning journey. Much love and light x

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