We have spoken about healing the body on the Podcast (ep. 3) and as promised, here is a quick guide to interpreting your common body pains and ailments. Maria has spent time working with these areas of the body and I have prepared a list of her insight.

Do you have any other messages from your body? Remember to sit quietly and speak with your subconscious to find out the emotional root of your physical pain. Through this communication, long-lasting healing can occur.

Head Over-thinking

Negative thoughts

Eyes Not wanting to see

Accumulated pain in eyes from seeing distressing images (past or current life)

Mouth/ Throat Not being able to speak the truth

Not being able to express self


Ear Not wanting to listen
Shoulder Carrying too much weight through burden
Spine Carrying too much weight through burden Each area of spine is sensed individually
Lungs Being constricted in life

Not having enough freedom

Heart All love affairs

Emotional pain

Not opening up towards love

Joints/ Arthritis Not being able to move in life

Feeling stuck

Breasts Nurturing – needing to nurture or be nurtured
Stomach Being able to digest emotional/ physical events in life
Bad breath Not loving yourself enough or thinking you are bad/ ugly
Reproductive system Relationships in life with partner


Relationship with children

Liver Poisoning in the body through person/ event (emotional)
Bladder Literally being ‘pissed off’ (angry)
Colon Not wanting to let go
Knees/ legs Fear of moving forward
Birthmark Sign of a past life/ reminder. Can disappear in a regression if cured
Skin Nutrition/ Stress
Acne Nutrition

Relationship with self and how you see yourself in the world

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