“What does it take to write in this moment, when all is relaxed? There is restlessness in the soul but this is good. Fire creates passion and passion is what you need in order to experiment. To be one with yourself and your true belief. You wanted to play and you can see what happens when you become stifled. It is yours to be free from. Don’t hold too much hope or others, you cannot relay on that kind of validation. You already know this so what do you bother with energy of this kind? We told you there are others that hear your voice and will rise to listen and work harmoniously with you. Challenges are all good but you don’t always have to be weak. Standing up is okay too but do not dwell in a past that does not exist- they don’t. You have the will and the want- experiment and play, hope and dream. This is your opportunity to be in the freedom of being yourself.”

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