Part Two: Speaking with my Subconscious

After these mind-blowing experiences (read here), it was time to meet my subconscious and listen to the unashamedly sincere truth of its (her?) words. Maria and Dolores Cannon, founder of QHHT both speak about the subconscious having a universal voice intonation and common language. That is to say that even if you doubt the likelihood of your past-life regression, the subconscious is commonly accepted to be the link to forgotten ideas, thoughts, dreams and experiences (just ask Freud).

And so begins the Q & A with the Spiritual Apprentice’s subconscious, a compelling and liberated view of existence.

Maria: Why did you choose these lifetimes today?

SC: …humility…knowing what it is like to look after others…unconditionally

Maria: Do you have a message from these lifetimes for Carlie?

SC: It is safe to have family in this world…she (Carlie) is maternal. She is safe, there is not wrong or right for her.

Maria: What is Carlie’s purpose?

SC: To enjoy. To feel freedom. There is no need for fear, it is gone now. There is no need for it in this life. She is so much stronger without fear, she doesn’t even know. Fear is created in this world to stop people doing things. Let it go, it serves no purpose.

Maria: Carlie wants to know about an event in her childhood where she fell off a deck, can you explain what happened here?

SC: She was curious, she was lifted down. It was a lesson to show there is no real danger here in this life. She is scared of heights though so perhaps another lesson was learnt.

Maria: How can Carlie avoid the negative energy of others?

SC: She holds onto it because it is interesting, It’s like a game. She knows why people do what they do but she likes to feel part of the drama. It keeps her connected to the human struggle.

Maria: What are Carlie’s gifts?

SC: So many. She really could do whatever she wanted. It will all work together so focus on any mode. She knows the words to choose. She can be the voice, the advocate for change.

Maria: Carlie has asked about the pain in her body. Can you explain how she might relieve this?

SC: She needs to slow down, there is no hurry. She is awakening and the body is taking time to connect. She does not need to do the Yoga.

This comment, ‘She does not need to do the Yoga’ was delivered in such a dry drawl that it was difficult not to laugh. Without transcribing the entire conversation with my little champion, let me highlight some of the (abridged) quotes that may be of use to us all as a connected energy source.

  • New level of consciousness will tell you what to put in your body
  • As you awaken, you will require less sleep and less food
  • Sickness is a product of too much, it creates unnecessary feelings of density
  • There is no fear, only safety
  • Pain in knees= slow down and enjoy surroundings
  • Everything has the power to heal, you just need to talk to your body
  • The weight of world troubles causes physical pain
  • We hold on to negative energy because we find it interesting in this form. Perhaps we all are a little addicted to the drama
  • If we let it go, it will be taken care of by a higher source

The unexpected byproduct of talking with the subconscious was that is opened a channel for direct healing. When the buzz, doubt and confusion of the session melts away in the following days, it is then that you begin to notice the big changes. I am confidant to report that almost three weeks since my regression, I have let go of fear in a big way! I no longer avoid confrontation if I think it will lead to an important breakthrough in learning. I do not fear the judgement of others and adjust my actions accordingly. I am unapologetically, me.

I will always be a kind and compassionate person, that is an internal energy that can not be wavered (nor do I want it to be), but today I am strong. I am assured that my thoughts and actions are valid and even supported by the strength of my subconscious. I have blown open the gateway for us to exist harmoniously in this lifetime.

“She is blessed. She should just appreciate. There is nothing wrong with having everything you want.” – my champion, my subconscious


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