I have so many half-written articles at the moment that I really should be completing first, but I just had to tell you about a major breakthrough in my energy healing journey that occurred yesterday!

I have a very close friend who suffers from much sadness, depression and anxiety. I have always felt connected to this person on a spiritual level regardless of the geographical distance that divides us. My friend is deeply sensitive, loving and paternal but his darkness has rendered him paralysed at times. Presently, he is experiencing one of those gut-wrenching episodes.

I offered to help my friend (with the support of Maria) in an effort to begin to cleanse him of the pain that is inevitably suffocating his existence. He’s never been one to rely on the assistance of others and was quite resistant in the beginning. He believes he is not worthy of love and it breaks my heart when I know the true potential of his beautiful soul.

A little over a week ago I began connecting with his energy on my own, channeling through my subconscious whilst meditating. I have published the entry in Quotes From My Subconscious but for the purpose of this article, please find the message below:


“The help he needs is within. He is a powerful being that has lost his way. He wanted the challenge here on earth and he has forgotten why he has come. He knows it deep inside, that is why he refuses to give up. He has hope and love, the two purest forms of emotion. He needs belief…To be open to the experiences that are unfolding for him.

He can not dull the pain anymore. He is far too strong to let it go…to forget. There is much power within. Listen. Listen to the softly spoken words. They are not dangerous. they are messages from above. Only good can come from listening to the subconscious. He needs to be patient. It is coming now that he is asking. All before was a test- to see if he was to remember in this life”.


I relayed this message to my friend and whilst he was grateful for the effort, I could see that he was still too deep in his sadness to recognise any light.

Yesterday, at 2.30pm (GMT) I sat down and commenced a distant energy healing session with Maria. I was to be the healer and Maria would prompt my meditation with visual cues and imagery to strengthen the experience. As I sat cross-legged on a yoga mat, I breathed deeply into a meditative state whilst picturing my friend’s face. I breathed again and began to focus on his aura (the light surrounding his body). In my vision, his aura was so dim, just a sliver of pale gold light encased in a dense, dark-grey cloud.

With Maria’s guidance, I began to use the energy in my hands to clear away the darkness within his aura. It was difficult at first, each wave of energy revealing a momentary radiant beam of light before being concealed again in cloud. Slowly, the aura began to slightly clear, leaving a much lighter residue of grey-mist. I began to lift feelings of pain, sadness and guilt from his aura, holding them in my hands and feeling the density of their burden. Instinctively, I rolled this energy into a ball and released it into the atmosphere where it could be safely dispersed.

Together with Maria’s instinctive instruction, we released strong white energy through our palms into the space as we connected with my friend in a beautifully tranquil state. In my vision, he was sitting on a deserted beach, surfboard perched next to him, the energy rays hitting his back and disolving his physical pain. I saw him in an enlightened state, free of all his earthly pain; he had chosen a life of love and healing and was instantly rewarded by the universe.

The distance healing charged the energy around us and left both Maria and I feeling truly vibrational. We took this unique opportunity to listen to any messages that came from this heightened state…but I will save that adventure for another post.

The most magical event of this distance healing came today in the shape of an unexpected message from my friend. I will end with his words as I don’t think there is any other justification that could serve to explain the true power of this energy healing!

“I’m not sure if you were with me last night but last night was the first night in a while I’ve slept properly without nightmares.”


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