‘Your appearance is disguised as earthy, but deep inside you are a shy and delicate being’.

When the stirrings of your inner soul are brought forth and you realise that you are a beautifully complex contradiction of energies- this is the moment that you understand the gift of energy hand reading. I sat down with Maria very early on in our friendship and she shared her unique gift with me.

I feel the need to stress that this kind of reading has nothing to do with palmistry. Maria first reads the energy of the palm to give you insight into your gifts and purpose and then holds your hand to go deeper within the soul. It is in this part that you will learn about your powers of intuition, your connection with the universe and be offered self-healing.

‘There are sparkles and swirls in your energy vibration- they come from a place far away from earth where everyone works harmoniously and diligently’. Maria holds my right hand and breathes in, she is taking a journey deep within my soul;  beyond the mind, to the level of perception, feeling, connection, intuition, energy- to the heart level.

I feel calm, yet exposed. The juxtaposition of these feelings lovingly highlighted in my reading. ‘You are a tender, shy being’, Maria breathes. ‘So sensitive and delicate, looking for strength and appreciation’.

I giggle with nervousness. She got me, but how does she know this? I have always felt conflicted by my exterior presence and the much gentler soul. On the outside I am confident, daring and stable; people openly buying this facade, unaware of the profound ache in my heart caused by their injustice and cruelty. I feel naked and yet refreshingly soothed in this knowledge. Could I dare to be more truthful?

Imagine a world where we are connected through energy. Where a handshake merges into a reading; a connection of souls. There would be no need for games of manipulation and dishonesty. Agreements would be willingly entered into with profound love and respect.

As I continue to awe at my reading, Maria connects with the physical pain I had expressed before we began. ‘Pain is a reminder to learn and remember’, she begins. ‘Your energy is telling you to take time, there is no rush. Observe the journey and the misalignment of inner frequencies will adjust in the body. As you form a bridge between your internal and external experiences you will enter into an inner revolution and ascension’.

Maria gifts me with some tokens from my soul to lighten the journey:

Book of knowledge- the pages turning freely in a light wind that brings enlightenment

Cloak- rustic and brown, to blend into my surroundings

Stick- for protection and easiness of walk in this life

Map- for exploration on this long journey

Sugar- to sweeten the experience (she pours this into my aura)

Finally, we sit together in the unique healing energy that has been called upon and Maria describes, ‘It is like warm waves, a rounded energy that is softening your tissues and muscles. It is cloudy, powerful but soft and envelopes your body. All this energy knows is healing. It is adapting you to remove tension by penetrating and improving cells’.

When I recover from the session, the pain has left the body. It will come back but never with the same intensity. I talk to Maria about the reading and she is often surprised at what she sees in the surface energy of the hand in comparison to the deeper energy of the subconscious. Like all of her healing modalities, no two sessions are the same and this particular gift came to her organically when connecting with a friend in need.

It is not a fearful experience, it is particularly fulfilling to have many of my intuitions confirmed and brought to the surface. I stand tall with self empowerment and thank Maria for reconnecting me with an old friend, the kind that has nothing but love, respect and genuine advice for my life journey. I will not ignore this precious mentor again.


Click the video below for more about Energy Hand Reading as told by Maria herself.

Click the video below for my documented scribbles while listening back to my recorded reading.




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