Today I danced with a gentleman, laughed with a freckle-nosed child and got tipsy with some beautiful fairies; a magical, soul-filling experience that lifted my vibrational level to dazzling heights. It was not a dream, or the beginning of a beautiful fantasy, but a real life adventure in a popular park in the middle of London.

With Maria Zhuravleva as my energy guide, I felt relaxed about the prospect of talking to trees. Having worked with energy for several years, Maria loves taking groups on energy healing walks in different parks and locations around central London. She believes that we can connect through energy to everything and everyone around in order to heal ourselves from the inside. She is a passionate teacher who is delighted to share her knowledge with those willing to experience it.

When we step inside the park, it is a hive of human activity. Around us, people are lapping up the gorgeous weather bestowed upon a city often hampered by Mother Nature’s moods.

As we approach a cluster of trees, I look to Maria for guidance.

‘You will know which tree to pick’, she encourages me. ‘Just look towards the one that stands out to you the most’.

I spot a handsome looking elm up ahead and casually saunter towards him. Him? I sense his masculine nature before I even reach the spot where he stands tall.

‘You can hug him if you like. The trees like this’, Maria whispers.

Hesitantly, I reach my arms around his trunk (should I ask him first?) and breathe in. As I embrace this strong-barked deciduous, pressing deeply into his rigid folds, I immediately feel a sense of calm; a protection and strength that seems external to my own energy. I am transported to a ballroom, sometime in the late 1800s with petticoats and frills where I waltz with my big handsome man in uniform. It feels intimate, romantic and safe.

‘I love this one’, I declare to Maria, who giggles with delight and knowing.

‘All trees are different; they have unique personalities and stories to tell through their energy’.

Picnics, floral dresses and sparkling champagne are all on show as we weave daintily amongst the buzz, hugging trees as we go. Gradually, I become less aware of the curious human glances and begin to trust the green magic.

I’m enthralled by each beautiful tree-soul that I’m introduced to, some of whom have become Maria’s own personal friends. There are such distinctions between each tree that we touch that I begin to grasp the idea that humans are much more connected to nature than we truly understand. It reminds me of my own words many years ago, when I was on a family trip through the rugged wilderness of Tasmania and professed my hate for nature with such indignance that it became a family joke.

I eat my words humbly today because just when I think I have mastered the tree talking business, Maria guides me towards a bush of white daisies and explains the incredible power of flowers.

‘Stand in their aura and just breathe them in’, Maria lovingly instructs.

I do as she suggests and within moments my head is spinning and my body energised with an incredible lightness of being; I am drunk. I have become a bee, lured to the sweet elixir of nature – who needs champagne!

In my awakened state, I become bold; touching plants, leaves, flowers and rocks, anything that might give me some sweet energy exchange. An aura of natural energy surrounds both of us like we have taken a dopamine pill straight from the earth itself. I don’t want the feeling to end and, thankfully, it stays with me long after I leave the garden.

I must admit that later, when the low vibration shadow reproaches and I doubt that such a journey could be anything but fantasy, I remember what Maria taught me: even if I can’t quite get my head around the logic and I put it down to pure imagination, it doesn’t really matter; the feelings and visions are real, the energy is electric and if my imagination can make me drunk, then I really can’t be complaining.

I’m hooked! I’ve found some natural healing in the middle of this busy existence we call life and I highly suggest you give it a go. Have a party with the trees and shift your consciousness to a brand new level.


Head over to Maria’s website for dates and further information.

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