I think it is important to post this interview first, as an introduction to teachings behind my newly discovered knowledge. It’s a bit of a long one but I am hoping It will give you some insight into
the magic we are working with and the powerful teacher who has opened this universe for me.

“Energy is all there is” – Maria Zhuravleva

Maria Zhuravleva is an energy healer and hypnotherapist who is originally from Moscow and moved to London in 2010 when her spiritual awakening process began.

What began as “a deep inner yearning to discover intuition and extrasensory perception”, has blossomed into a powerful life-purpose that enables Maria to heal others by connecting to the energy within. I sat down with Maria to find out a little more about who she is and how we can be healed in this life.

 When people ask what you do, what do you tell them?

 I usually say that I am an energy healer and I help people to find their own gifts. My main dedication is past life regression work through Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.

 How would you describe the work that you do?

I work with energy to help people recognise their own gifts. It is time to remember again how to heal ourselves and help the world to raise the vibration. My job is to assist people to remember their own power.

I have found through my work that there is healing energy of a truly magical quality available for all of us in the space.  If  we can learn to use this energy and direct it towards healing and well-being, our lives will be enriched. Our powers are truly magnificent! It is time to remember. I would like to believe I help people reconnect with their true calling.

What can people expect when they come to see you?

 People can expect to be treated with love and respect. I use my experience and techniques to bring a transformational change in the person. I treat every person individually and connect intuitively to their situation so I can feel how I may help them in the best way.

 How did you discover that you could read energy from people’s hands?

This was a very interesting experience that came to me a couple of years after I learnt Reiki. At some point of my life I felt I could read objects with my hands and I literally felt drawn to touch different objects and connect to them energetically: trees, stones, pictures.

The turning point came when I was with a friend who was asking for personal advice. I suddenly felt an urge to take her hand and connect deeper. It was as though I felt I could help her more if I channeled a message with my eyes closed holding her hand. And I discovered this was a beautiful healing experience. Messages started coming to me from above, and they were of a very profound and healing quality. I feel really blessed to be doing this work.

Who are your main influences/ guides in your own journey on the path of healing and spirituality?

In the beginning of my journey I was very much awakened by the work of Dolores Cannon, as it made me remember my purpose and what I am here to do. I was also interested in the work of Diana Cooper who talks about Angels, Orbs and Unicorns, the brilliant work of Echkart Tolle and the Law of Attraction.

Having said that, I always felt that I should be truly guided from the inside and pay more attention to the guidance that came to be directly from above. I feel this is the power that we all have.

When you say a ‘strong intuitive feeling’, was there a particular event that led/ caused this?

There wasn’t. I guess it was just the right time. Back in 2010, suddenly the events in my life started to take a faster synchronic pace, I could feel a sense of magic in the air. I had a strong guidance to look into the field of spirituality and I followed it. I didn’t know where it was leading me at the time but I knew I had to see it through. I started looking for all possible information on the subject: attending courses, reading books, practicing various meditations and techniques. All that could help me reconnect and remember.

What were you doing before you became an energy healer?

I was a normal person (laughs).  Well, I guess I never really was, even as a child I felt very different from the world around me. When I was a little girl, I felt I could connect with the spirit world and I strongly believed there was “another world” somewhere beyond this one. I found it hard to get used to the physical world and felt lonely very often.

I followed a fairly regular life path, I graduated from the Linguistic University in Moscow, then started to look for jobs in many areas. I tried modelling for a while as I have always felt drawn to cinema and art. I ended up working in tourism as I felt at least it could provide me with a less ‘mundane’ office job. However, I always felt emptiness and a sensation that I wasn’t doing the right thing in all of these previous occupations.

You speak about Dolores Cannon being your major source of inspiration and you studied under her at the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy. How did you first find out about her work?

I “accidently” pressed the play button on a YouTube video that someone shared on Facebook. I had an instant calling to press it and as soon as I did, I was astounded. Her voice, the vibration of the interview and, most importantly, the deep subjects that she spoke about: life after death, spirit guides, the Subconscious –  all struck me so much. I immediately knew this was real and I had to follow it. It was as though I suddenly remembered a lot of knowledge that I used to know long ago. I would never forget that day as life has never been the same since.

What specifically about Dolores’ teaching spoke to you?

The tone of her voice, there was something so powerful and ‘other wordly’ in it. The confidence with which she was speaking. Most importantly, the truths that she shared within her work. Dolores’ work covers the massive scope of old knowledge on metaphysical subjects: ancient mysteries, old civilisations, spirit world, healing, other lifeforms and more. Once you get in touch with this information, you are fully connected and never the same again. This is the knowledge that we all have but have forgotten.

Why do you think we have forgotten this knowledge that is obviously so important to our own understanding of the world?

I feel that the human population has moved into a different direction of development focusing more on the rational mind, relying on the technology, looking for answers outside. There is an infinite amount of love, higher consciousness and divinity which exists within each one of us and when we know how to connect with it, we can truly ascend and overcome many illusionary blocks, like illnesses, misfortune and so on. When we are disconnected from ourselves and from the energy, we tend to get lost in the material world and only believe “what we can see” or what “can be proved”. When in fact, it’s the other way around. We live in a Quantum Universe, where what we believe in and how we see things affect the way our reality is. This is just so important to understand as it makes life easier!

How do you see the energy around us? Does it have colours or textures?

 I can say I am more a “feeler”. I sense energies in a very profound way, for example I can connect to one’s gifts, life purpose, mood, past experiences. I can hear trees talking and crystals healing. I also see occasional sparkles of light and perceive auras around trees and people. I believe energy is all around us, it is constantly moving, connecting and disconnecting, joining and separating. The energy has a vibration, a certain frequency which we can all perceive on a telepathic intuitive level.

This is where my teaching comes from. If we were only to focus on our abilities to sense and to feel, incredible gifts will be suddenly open to us! There is so much more beyond this physical world! And yes, the energy has colours and it has textures. Energy is all there is.   

What is your foundational knowledge about the universe- what drives you to do what you do?

I feel very inspired to let people know how powerful they are. To take their attention away from their minds, concepts, beliefs and others people’s opinions. I really would like to help the world to start healing naturally and believe in miracles and their own powers again. I would love people to start feeling energies and understand that there is a great expansive world beyond what they see everyday. I would love people to see the power of energy work and find how beneficial it is. I would love people to start connecting to each other from the heart, through energy, to go from the surface to depth. I would love people to recognise that all around them is alive, including nature, water, stones and earth. And teach them to communicate with it. All the messages and information is already there, we just need to tap into it.

Tell me about spirit guides, how can these be manifested and what forms might they take on?

The Spirit Guides are the beings assigned to each spirit when we enter a lifetime. They take care of our soul development and look after our journey. Some spirit guides stay with us through lifetimes and some may change and go as we enter new levels of evolvement. There is usually a team of spirit guides on the other side. They look after us, making sure we are following the right path. The Spirit Guides really know our spirit well and are aware of our challenges and lessons.

Spirits are guiding us constantly through signs, intuition, dreams and inner awareness. It is possible to be in touch more consciously with the Spirit Guides through meditation and inner connection. They are beautiful, knowledgeable, advanced beings. They are made of energy and can take any shape that the person feels more comfortable with (a native american, an old wise man, a woman, a child, an animal). This will also be connected with the energy that they carry and with wisdom that they share with us.

Being in touch with the spirit guides is very helpful for us as then we receive information not just on the physical level, but also on the spiritual level. We are more clear about our path, we trust our powers and our journey, we have more belief in ourselves and our abilities. And we have love and support. Very often spirit guides are here to give us comfort and support, to let us know that we are not alone.

This is what they say:

“You are good”, “Everything will be alright”, “Believe”, “Trust”, “Don’t be afraid”, “Just do it”, “Don’t doubt.”
Maria holds a weekly energy healing group in London and offers a range of different healing modalities on her website. Visit Maria’s Universe to find out more.

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